BG5™ Career and Business Analysis

BG5™ is the umbrella for career, work, organization and Alpha1 engineering and coaching.

The BG5™ Career & Business Design System shows each of us that we have a unique career design with specific gifts, talents, and attributes to share with the world. Endless possibilities for individual uniqueness lie within our inherent matrix. There are millions of variations of human beings, yet each of us has a specific Career Design configuration with a clear strategy that aligns us with our life’s work. The BG5™ Career & Business Design System does not ask you to believe anything. It invites you to unravel your unique success code and provides you with the practical tools and information needed to live life as yourself.

In looking at thousands of Career Designs, one thing stands out – no two are exactly alike. Even if someone had a Career Design very much like yours they would not be you. But how do we determine our unique design?

The BG5™ Career Design Analysis provides you with your BG5™ Success Code – a precise map and user guide that gives you access to how your unique inner guidance system operates and interacts with the material world. Never before have we been able to see all of the parts of ourselves so clearly, and understand the ways in which we are designed to engage with those around us.

We at the BG5™ Business Institute have found this to be true:

“What you can rely on, you’ve never relied on in your life. What you can’t trust, you’ve been trying to trust all your life. What you’ve been trusting, has never been you. What you’ve been ignoring, has always been you. Try to trust what’s really you and see what happens.”

Through the process of unraveling your BG5™ Success Code, you will learn what innate talents and special gifts you can trust, and what work is best left to others.

Contrary to what society has taught us, each of us is meant to be different from everyone else. Now we can see and capitalize on those differences. We are happiest and the most satisfied when our inherent gifts and talents are expressed in our own unique way. Understanding this can lift a great weight from our shoulders. How often have we compared ourselves to someone else? How often as children were we compared to someone else by a parent, teacher or peer? Comparing ourselves to others creates an impression deep inside of us that it is not okay to be who we are. When we add that to the conditioning of our early years, we find ourselves trying to change or adapt how we act to suit others, which further distances us from the person we were born to be. When we begin to understand and accept our own uniqueness, something inside of us opens up and relaxes. The layers and layers of societal conditioning slowly fall away, and the person we were meant to be, our inner essence, begins to emerge.

The BG5™ Career Design Analysis is based on your specific and individual design for interaction with the material world. There are 14 key areas of information detailed in the Analysis, a few of which are introduced below.

The Career Types

The first, and most important, aspect in your analysis is your Career Type, which shows your inherent role within the material world. While there are millions of variations of Career Designs, there are these core Career Types. Each of us is one of these Career Types, and your Type stays the same throughout your entire life. Here is a very brief explanation of The Career Types.

  • Innovators comprise about 9 percent of the population. They are the ones that initiate and get the ball rolling. They are not afraid to bring something new into the material world, and yet need allies from the other Career Types to help them manifest their vision over time. Innovators operate best when they inform others about what they are about to do, thus eliminating resistance and putting people at ease. When Innovators cannot operate in peace, they get angry. They are designed to have a powerful impact and to be the initiating mechanisms for others. Getting things going, not sustaining them over time, is their gift to the material world.
  • Builders represent about 70 percent of the population. They are great at building and growing a business. They know “how” to get the job done. Satisfaction in their work comes by engaging with that work through an internal response to outside stimuli. By allowing this internal response to guide them, Builders learn what they are best at, and what brings them the most satisfaction. Without utilizing this internal response, they end up working in the wrong job and are left feeling frustrated. The Builders are the life force of the planet and are designed to know themselves by observing what they respond to. Doing their life’s work is vital to their well-being, and the vitality and energy they bring and sustain is their gift to the material world.
  • Advisors are approximately 20 percent of the population. They make great administrators, coaches, consultants, teachers, and leaders, and excel at directing the actions of others. Advisors experience the most success in life when they are called into this role through recognition of their specific gifts and talents. When they wait until they are recognized, and invited, the success of their material life unfolds for them. Working in an environment where they are not appreciated or recognized for their talents only brings them bitterness. The insightful recognitions, unique perceptions, and guidance they bring, in terms of how to make our interactions more efficient, is their gift to the material world.
  • Evaluators represent only about 1 percent of the population. They are the indispensable advisors, evaluators, and assessors. They are very good at monitoring the ‘condition’ of a business, organization or community. They operate best in an environment where they are not rushed or hurried. They observe what is unique and different, and can be very beneficial in pointing out things that are going unnoticed. They are very much like the canary in the mineshaft. Their clue that they themselves may not be in the right environment is a sense of disappointment. The Evaluators are designed to be the judges of humanity, and to reflect back the injustices humanity inflicts on itself. Their ability to clearly and objectively discern the ‘this and that’ of the world is their gift to the material world.


Personal Interaction and Decision Strategy

Another invaluable part of your BG5™ Career Design Analysis is your Personal Interaction and Decision Strategy. These tools are the doorways to living and working as yourself, affirming who you really are, and understanding and letting go of what you are not.

The mind’s real genius is for collecting information and experiences – researching, measuring this against that, and contemplating unique perceptions and reflections that can be shared with others.

What actually moves us through life on our unique path, however, is our innate intelligence – our inner wisdom, such as intuition or gut response, which also allows us to tap into our natural talents and gifts.

The BG5™ Career & Business System helps us with how to make decisions using our natural inner wisdom. The course of our life and career is based on the decisions we make. Each decision is crucial for the correct unfolding of our career path.

To survive and thrive in the material world, we each need to know how to access and utilize all that is available to us, including our own inner wisdom. It is the decisions that come from deep within that start us on, or keep us on, the correct career path for our life, and allow us to live out our life purpose.


Our Strengths and Where We Thrive

Our BG5™ Success Code also shows us our Environmental Style: the type of environment we will thrive in, such as solo, partnership, working in groups or teams, small business, management, or large business. We also learn what our true strengths and skills are, what we bring to the table in business, and how best to make a difference. Our BG5™ Success Code answers the question: what is our life work and how do we access it to make the greatest contribution?


Bottom Line

The BG5™ Career & Business System provides us with a BG5™ Success Code that maps out our material life in precise detail. Working with this unique tool is a life and career transforming opportunity for those who want to make a difference in their own lives, and in the lives of others.

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