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EnQuantum Group International NZ Ltd is 100% NZ owned and run by its two directors and consultants, Sheri Greenwell and Leo Lenders.

Sheri has extensive experience in management consulting on Organizational Development, Health & Safety and Wellbeing, and provides high-quality training on all levels of business.

Leo has a background in engineering in its widest sense. From mechanical engineering, through product engineering, project engineering and branch management of a technical sales department. Leo is a certified BG5™  Career & Business Consultant and dedicated to work-group engineering.

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Do you feel you’re living in a time warp? Society, and the structures we’ve learned to rely upon, is in a change as never before. Brexit, digital currency, and even “the truth” is changing! Why do we need to know what we’re good at vs what we’ve learned? This article is a great eye opener …

EnQuantum Group International NZ Ltd is excited and delighted to announce that Leo Lenders, a principal consultant, is now officially certified by IHDS as a BG5™ Business Consultant. This achievement makes Leo the first fully qualified BG5™ Business Consultant in New Zealand. BG5 methodology offers career guidance for individuals and provides business leaders with guidance …


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